About Us

About Us


At Harpeth Valley Health Center, we serve our community with compassion and understanding. It is our hope to set a new standard in medical care through advanced techniques and innovative treatments. We provide our patients and their family members with exceptional care that is focused on getting them back to an optimal level of health and wellness.


Marian F.

“We were on the next to last day of our 2 week vaca and visiting my brother. I slipped and sprained my ankle. The staff at Harpeth Valley Health Center were awesome!! Thank you so much for your kind and gentle service.”

Brittany H.

“Wonderful experience all together! Yesterday I visited the medical side of this office to have some blood work done and Chris was amazing, I literally did not feel a thing and that is a first for me! Today, I pulled a muscle and visited the Chiropractic care side and WOW! I came into the office this evening barely able to walk right, by the time I left I felt just as good as new. I am extremely impressed with Dr. Diaz as she did wonders on my poor right hip! I’d also like to add that the front office did more than enough to help me in figuring out my benefits, and they made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I cannot thank you guys enough! Can’t wait to come back Thursday! #FiveStarRating

Denise M.

“Harpeth Valley Health Center top of the line, Tamara and her team are more than the best they are super. I just finished the five-week knee injections and knee therapy, and I was very fearful at first, but Tamara is so precise and gentle with the shots it was surprisingly superb. I have felt every week more strength and more ability to walk and exercise more. The stability I’m feeling in my knee I’ve never felt. But the thing I want everyone to know is how great and knowledgeable Tamera is with the shots. I would highly recommend this for everyone who is having any type of knee issues Tamara and her team are top notch.”

Mallory H.

“The first time I walked into the Dixon Center, I was feeling deathly ill. From the moment I arrived (even without an appointment) to the time I left, the staff treated me like royalty. This is the kindest, most genuine medical staff I have ever encountered. The NP was knowledgeable and very thorough with my visit. Thanks to them, my illness was uncovered and an effective treatment plan with several follow-up visits were put into place. I now visit the Dixon Center for medical and chiropractic. Changed my life!”

Kendalyn K.

“We began chiropractic care a couple of years ago with [Dixon Center], and that lead us to the other services offered by Harpeth Valley Health. Our daughter was very comfortable both with her well check and having blood drawn. These folks are excellent, and we will soon have our whole family naming Harpeth Valley Health as our primary providers.”

Janie L.

“When I first went to Dixon Chiropractic and Harpeth Valley Health I couldn’t stand up straight and could barely walk. They evaluated me and started a treatment plan. Now, seven months later my back pain is almost all gone, and with their knee program, I’m walking better and my knees have vastly improved. The entire staff is wonderful and caring. I highly recommend them!”