Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss


Did you know we offer a medically based, comprehensive weight loss program? Is your weight causing other orthopedic problems? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun with little to no success? We can help!

The key to our successful weight loss system is the combination of a professionally designed nutrition plan, supplementation, education, dietary counseling, and behavior modification. Benefits include increased energy levels, increased strength and stamina, decreased risk of disease, reduction in joint pain, plus an overall feeling of good health.

We offer three options to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Each plan is 4-6 weeks and includes 3 unique products designed to help your body burn fat by increasing your metabolism, increasing your energy, decreasing toxins, and increasing overall health. This plan will be completely catered to YOU.

A consult is required, and a blood work panel may be recommended to ensure there are no underlying health issues that may hinder your weight loss.

We provide everything you need to be successful… including a highly discounted membership at Boost FitClub! 

Call us today to schedule your consult!

As a part of our weight loss program, we are excited to be partnering with…

We want to help you succeed! If you decide the weight loss program is right for you, we will provide you with a highly discounted membership at Boost FitClub, Nashville’s only TOTAL performance/wellness experience under one roof! Boost FitClub isn’t your ordinary gym. This newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility offers everything you need from expert personal training and group classes, to competitive sports, a stylish in-house café, and a program that offers personally designed meals.

Steve Guarino, Fitness Coach