Wellness Services

Wellness Services


Most people have NO IDEA just how good the human body is actually designed to feel and function. Of course there are many factors that contribute to the overall health of the whole body. Could you have a heart without a brain? Or a stomach without intestines? What about oxygen delivery without the lungs and blood? Because the body works as a whole system, it is important that you care for it as one. Many approaches that are strictly based in Western Medicine focus on just one system at a time (i.e. digestion, headaches, knee pain, immune issues, etc). Integrative health care and being well is all about healing the body as a whole and treating the patient rather than the symptoms. In order to feel better you must get healthy first. Our wellness services will help you to find the balance your body has been needing. Let us help you BECOME YOUR BEST VERSION.


It is normal to be tired & sluggish throughout the day? What is your normal? Everybody has a different definition. Do you need to redefine yours? Energy level is affected by several factors. So there is much to examine when addressing a zap in energy, whether it is chronic or sudden onset. Is it adrenal fatigue? Is it a sluggish thyroid? Is it lack of minerals or vitamins? Is it an overloaded immune system or a system overloaded with inflammation in general? Could you be consuming foods that are fighting against what you want to accomplish? Do you want to be able to do something about it? We can help you address and correct issues by meeting you where you are now and guiding you to a more balanced body that will provide the fuel you need to get through the day.


Not all vitamins are created equal. Did you know that big pharma makes vitamins too? If you are already spending money on supplements and vitamins, let us help you to make sure you are getting quality nutrition. Are you getting what you pay for? Is there depth in your nutrition? If you suffer from ANY chronic symptom, chances are you need a boost in this area! Are you sure you know what you are putting into your body? Example: ascorbic acid IS NOT vitamin C (think of it as the wheel on the ‘vitamin C’ car; merely a working part of the vehicle). SYNTHETIC ascorbic acid comes from PETROLEUM, it isn’t a food but is often added to foods. If you don’t buy the whole car, what good is the wheel?


If you have certain foods that upset your stomach, you belch frequently, or have gas daily, it might be a sign that you aren’t digesting your food as well as you could be. If you feel bloated after eating, it could be a sign that the good and bad bacteria in your intestinal tract are at war or simply underdeveloped or overrun. Start to finish food should take between 8-13 hours to pass through your system. Track your body’s progress by eating beets and waiting for a reddish bowel movement. If you fall outside these time parameters, it could be a sign your digestive system needs some help.



-Benjamin Franklin


Are you bringing your fist to a pistol gun war? Prevention is an active battle. Make sure your effort and outcomes equal the impact that you want to see. You can better your long-term health and improve how you feel through nutrition, vitamins, and herbs. Meet with Kelli Thomas, Wellness Practitioner (Link PG), for a free 10-minute consult. Designed to assess a person’s needs, goals and concerns, we can meet you where you are and explore the best approach for you. Through nutritional support and herbal therapy, you can support your body’s own innate healing ability. We can teach you how.

CANDIDA (candida albicans)

What is Candida? Simply put, it is an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria that naturally occur in your intestinal tract. Via food & drink, this is where the outside world meets the inside of our bodies. It is the job of our small intestine to pull nutrition out of our food for our bodies to use. If your balance is out of line, Candida can create a myriad of symptoms – developing in each patient differently! Candida causes a layer of inflammation making it difficult for our body to absorb nutrients and process foods. Often, we unknowingly feed our candida with foods that might be healthy for you when you aren’t imbalanced. This imbalance can occur for many reasons including, but not limited to: diet, taking antibiotics over long periods of time, stress, hormones, mercury fillings (amalgam), chorine & fluoride, diabetes, etc.


These types of conditions have an imbalance in metabolizing minerals in specific areas. The key is to add the right nutritional components and changing the body’s environment to one that allows for proper function. We can help you address any deficiencies or imbalances and get you on the track to healing. If you need more forms of care, such as chiropractic (spinal alignment is vital to proper body function) or blood work, not to worry! Because we are a fully integrative office, we can meet you where you are and help you get healthy and feel better.


There are natural approaches to support cardiovascular challenges. These can compliment existing medications and are also successful in their own. We would never suggest taking you off a medication prescribed by your cardiologist. If that is something you are interested in, we can work toward that goal by utilizing our in-house Nurse Practitioner and consulting your doctor. Did you know dietary changes can also vastly increase your cardiovascular health and offer aid to areas affected by cardiovascular disease? Let us help you understand more about your health. Knowledge is the power to be your own best advocate.


If you face reoccurring infections or chronic conditions on a yearly or seasonal basis, it could be a sign that you have an imbalanced immune system. It is the job of the immune system to attack organisms and other substances that cause disease in the body. When your immune system isn’t functioning properly, or you have an autoimmune disease, you can offer it support from the outside in. Doing so can minimize sickness, increase energy, and create a new and healthy pattern inside your body. We can offer education and help guide you to feeling better.


How long has it been since you felt good? LIKE, REALLY GOOD? If you don’t know, then maybe it’s time to find out how you could be more productive, healthier, and feeling more fulfilled in life. Many of us don’t realize that simply modifying what we put into our body greatly affects the outcome of body function, mental and emotional wellness, and lifespan. We want you to cultivate healthy habits that will lend to a longer, happier life. When we treat the body as a whole system, where all the variables work together to make an outcome (you), we achieve better results that last longer. Through advocacy, education, lifestyle and nutritional support, we can help you become the best version of you that anyone has ever known.


Do you take medications? Medications use vitamins and minerals from our body. If we do not replete what pharmaceuticals deplete in our body, our healing rate and response to medication can slow down and not be as effective. Pairing nutrition and supplements with your meds (prescribed or over-the-counter) can greatly increase the function, in turn producing a more effective outcome.